Cat Cafe – The Idea

The Cat Cafe idea is for a challenge that I have set myself. I wanted a portfolio piece that would show a project process from start to (almost finish – it is a faux company after all!).

The partnerships, crew, location etc are all fictitious – although the companies and charities are real.

Create branding, website and app concept for an idea that would be based on a physical location.

The Idea

To open a cat cafe. All cats would be rescues from Cats Protection.

The inspiration for this is my own fur babies who were rescues from Cats Protection and I would like to help give other cats the chance to find their furever homes.

Partnering with the charity would benefit them in receiving donations and adopting cats.

Allowing cats to interact with people is beneficial to both with regard to bonding which could lead to adoption or sponsorship of the cat and it is a therapeutic experience of interaction and calming for the person. The cat is in a relaxed, free from cage, less depressing and stressful environment.

Whilst the cafe is centered around the three “C”s of Cats, Cake, Coffee, the offering would be much more substantial in terms of the food and drink offering. The cafe would partner with local businesses such as Wilkins, Millins the Butcher, Sonefield’s Farm Shop, Adnams, Fairfields crisps etc to provide a range of produce for breakfast, brunch and afternoon tea. Could also include a Wilkins gin bar.

The cafe would include a limited walk in service, as most that I researched do but this would be limited and advance booking is preferable. Children should also be over the age of 12 so as not to frighten the cats.

USP: The partnership with an established charity dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of cats and kittens.

Donations: The cafe would trade and make a profit as a cafe with a very small part of the profits going to Cats Protection. The cats that live on site from Cats Protection are cared for by the cafe.

Cats Protection benefit by having their cats in an environment that makes it more likely to get them acquainted with a person and adopted than being in a cage at a rescue centre.

At the cafe, customers can donate to Cats Protection, Sponsor a cat/pen at Cats Protection, by treat and toys for the cats at the cafe and Cats Protection. They can buy cafe merchandise, all proceeds of which care for the resident cats and Cats Protection. Customers can buy gift vouchers for their friends to visit the cafe, with a percentage going to Cats Protection.

No cat would go back to a cage, they are either adopted or a resident.

Other ideas: Loyalty Scheme, Cats Protection Lottery Tickets, Photobooth/Insta Background area (opportunity to have a photo taken that could be sold and not just people taking selfies?), Events (crafting/wine/bingo)

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