Cat Cafe

Crafting a brand that showcases the complete journey from idea, UX, Brand Identity, through to App and Website concepts

What I did:

Created a faux brand
Created Wireframes
Template Design

I have set myself a challenge! I wanted a portfolio piece that would show a project process from start to (almost finish – it is a faux company after all!).

It would be lovely to be able to open a real cat cafe and for all of the ideas to be a reality. I have researched cat cafes in England and as far as I can tell, none of them seem to do everything that I have thought of in my case study to date…

The Idea:

To open a cat cafe. All cats are rescue cats from Cats Protection*.

The inspiration for the venture to take this idea direction is my own fur babies who were rescued by Cats Protection and I would like to help give other cats the chance to find their furever homes. See the idea behind the project…

So, who is going to this Cat Cafe?:

I created four personas of potential cat cafe visitors ranging in age, marital and employment status.

Then empathy maps for them.

Sitemap Sketches ready to be converted to wireframes (brand identity would usually come first but as part of the idea I know what I want the website and app to do so sketched it!):

To be continued…


Pen & Paper


Web Design