Colchester Sports Park

New Sports facilities, post Christmas/New Year opportunities for membership subscriptions and reach. New website.

What I did:

Created Wireframes
Site Design

The KAT Marketing Team were approached by Colchester Borough Council to assist with engagement in the new Colchester Sports Park at Northern Gateway facility to create a campaign to increase membership over the Christmas and New Year period when people are looking to make positive New Year Changes such as joining the gym.

The issue that the KAT Marketing team faced with the engagement campaign was how to track the user journey from initial reach through to sign up.

A few, short weeks before Christmas, it was not possible to rewrite sections or fully integrate with the existing CBC CRM and booking system for tracking but it was possible to create a stand alone website for the Sports Park which in Phase Two will fully integrate or have it’s own bespoke booking system.


The Colchester Borough Council approached the KAT Marketing Team to assist with an engagement campaign to promote the Colchester Sports Park, create sign ups and the main target at this point is the people switching gyms/joining gyms post Christmas.

The other important message as part of the campaign is all of the new facilities now available, just off the A12 for cycling enthusiasts, sports teams wishing to use the outdoor and indoor pitches as well as meeting and birthday party facilities.

Thinking ahead to the phase two integration, the Sports Park was designed as a bespoke site.

From the content and assets supplied, I was tasked with creating wireframes and designs for the Sports Park stand alone site.

The team selected a layout for phase one and it was created with a bespoke, user friendly content management system.


Pen & Paper


Web Design