Digital Reach

Speed to internal market service offerings from the Digital Reach team to help with digital skills during the pandemic

What I did:

Created Wireframes
Site Design
Site Creation

The Informa Markets Digital Reach Team are exactly that, a team specialising in digital ways to market. Informa Markets is comprised teams that predominantly host physical events and are therefore not digital first.

Digital has been tipping the balance in terms of communication but nobody prepared the world for the pandemic and shut down of Global events.

With the dev teams already over stretched, the Digital Reach team needed a rapid route to market and enlisted the skills of the UI/UX team.

Informa Markets Logo
Digital Reach Landing Page


The Digital Reach Team approached the UI/UX team for assistance in getting a professional looking advertising site in front of their internal marketing colleagues as fast as possible.

The Covid 19 pandemic is sweeping the world and there is an urgent shift in getting as much digital as possible.

Engaged in other projects of importance there is zero development resource so the only alternative rapid route to market is a CMS.

From the content supplied, I was tasked with creating wireframes and designs for the Digital Reach skills showcase.

The team selected a layout and also a content management system. This system is specifically built to enhance marketing messages and content with powerful reporting and a user friendly interface.

I had a crash course in the ION functionality, in which I am now certified, and replicated the marketing page within the CMS. As well as replicating the design, I used the ION functionality to create micro interactions, triggers for data capture and it was all turned around in rapid time.


Pen & Paper


Web Design