Ramplin Evolution

Brand evolution for my personal brand

What I did:

Digital asset creation
Website updates and enhancements

I am a digital designer so am constantly on a learning curve and I think it is important to evolve my brand identity and digital presence on a fairly regular basis as I learn new skills and techniques.

I purchased ramplin.co.uk in around 2004 after I returned from travelling around the East Coast of Australia and needed to create a portfolio site.

I love stars, my initials are SAR and I was influenced by the Aboriginal art that I had seen whilst travelling and so the original star was born!

Instead of pairing this with earthy colours I opted for bright pink and grey!

Fast forward to 2014 and in this year, my first content managed site went hand in hand with an evolution of the logo. I changed the fonts and evolved the star.

The 2021 evolution has been to further evolve the logo to include stars in the star and change the positioning of my name. I did explore – and have introduced additional colours into the palette but nothing looked as striking in comparison to the pink so it stays!

S. Ramplin Logo
ramplin.co.uk homepage screengrab


I started brainstorming some ideas and requirements on paper including what I wanted to evolve about my identity.

I researched constellations that could become assisting assets and also icons to use in place of images to quickly identify work categories. 

I didn’t do much in the way of sketching the logo on paper this time as the logo was an evolution – I discounted starting completely from scratch. My iterations of the logo evolution were done in Illustrator.

Once the logo and colours were good to go, it was time to roll out to website, Behance, Instagram, and Facebook channels.


Pen & Paper


Web Design

How it started

How it evolved

How it’s going