Enso Evolutions

Crafting design concepts for the UBM Enso Drupal event site template to enable more options and be more creative

What I did:

Created a faux brand
Created Wireframes
Template Design

The UBM Development and Product Teams had collaborated to produce a standard platform template for all of the UBM events sites using Drupal.

The platform was extremely powerful and as a designer, I was able to completely change the look and feel of the event site branding using a settings form that would inject styles into the CSS, including custom CSS where I required something not in the settings form without the need for a developer.

This was a fantastic solution as a phase one but there needed to be a phase two that would give more design control that enabled me, the designer to further push the boundaries of the system to create unique event sites using the Enso framework.

It was up to me to design the concepts to present to the rest of the team so that we could get Phase two into development.

Enso Evolutions Logo
Enso Evolutions Template Concept


I knew the settings form inside out and what could be changed and “bended”. The form would change fonts, colours of fonts and background colours, round the corners of images or buttons etc but it was still restrictive and we decided that a choice of fully responsive templates would give much more flexibility to the look and feel.

I started by looking at the event sites, what was missing for the users in terms of UX and UI? I then researched competitors and web functionalities that could be added in to the settings form.

After categorising what was a viable proposition for the phase two platform improvement, I created the wireframes for three different templates.

I wanted the design concepts to be neutral so created a brand identity for Enso Evolutions and used imagery from Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II series for placeholders.


Pen & Paper


Web Design

Homepage Template Concepts

Content Page Concepts